Title Type Category
Crossword puzzle featuring ICD-10-PCS Administration codes. Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
CPT coding crossword: The digestive system Forms
Crossword puzzle featuring ICD-10-PCS Repair codes for the urinary system Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
CC/MCCs: Clinical Indicators and Query Opportunities Webinar Webinars Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient
Operative note: CPT coding for postpartum hemorrhage Forms Hospital outpatient
Sample employee growth plan Forms Health information management, Hospital inpatient
DecisionHealth’s 2020 Medical Practice Staff Salary and Trends Report Forms Hospital outpatient, Physician practice
Sample occurrence report form Forms Health information management, Hospital inpatient
Query: UTI due to indwelling catheter Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient, Hospital outpatient
Pneumonia: Clinical Criteria and Documentation Requirements for CDI Professionals Webinar Webinars Hospital inpatient
Crossword: Cardiovascular terminology Forms Anatomy and terminology
ICD-10-PCS and CPT Reporting for Fusions and Complicated Spinal Procedures Webinar Webinars Hospital inpatient, Hospital outpatient
COVID-19 letter template Forms Clinical documentation
Sample principal diagnosis query form Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient, Physician queries
Word search: Nervous system conditions and associated ICD-10-CM codes Forms Anatomy and terminology
Tips for reporting modifier -58 Forms Hospital outpatient
ICD-10-PCS crossword puzzle featuring Dilation codes for the upper arteries. Forms Hospital inpatient
ICD-10-CM word search: Common heart conditions Forms Hospital outpatient
Physician tip sheet: COVID-19 documentation Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient
ICD-10-PCS Repair codes for the tendons crossword puzzle Forms Hospital inpatient, Training