Title Type Category
ICD-10-CM/PCS coding case study Expanded Q&A Anatomy and terminology, Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient, Questions and answers
ICD-10-CM coding crossword: Congenital conditions Forms Anatomy and terminology, Hospital inpatient
ICD-10-CM coding case study: Suspected fetal chromosomal abnormality Forms Hospital outpatient, Training
Coding Q&A: Insertion of a preCARDIA device Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
2023 ICD-10-CM and CPT ED Coding: Finding Order in the Chaos Webinars Anatomy and terminology, Hospital outpatient, Questions and answers
Crossword: Ear, nose, and throat conditions Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
Querying physicians Q&A Expanded Q&A Hospital inpatient, Hospital outpatient, Physician practice, Physician queries, Questions and answers
Coding case study: COVID-19–associated encephalopathy Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
Crossword: Common NICU conditions Forms Anatomy and terminology, Hospital inpatient
Word search: Endocrine system Anatomy and terminology
Word search: Kidney anatomy Forms Anatomy and terminology
ICD-10-PCS coding case study: Hysterectomy Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
Word Search: Respiratory illnesses Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
Case scenarios: Assigning a primary diagnosis and MS-DRG Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient, Training
Webinar bonus content: Ectopic pregnancy Forms Anatomy and terminology, Hospital outpatient
Observation Code Crosswalk 2022 to 2023 Forms Hospital outpatient
Handout: 2023 ICD-10-CM codes for nervous system conditions Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
Modifier flowchart: -XS and -XU Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital outpatient
Malnutrition coding chart Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
Handout: 2023 ICD-10-CM cardiovascular updates Forms Hospital inpatient, Training