Title Type Category
Modifier Flowchart: -73 and -74 Forms Hospital outpatient
Handout: ICD-10-PCS coding for amputations Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
ICD-10-PCS coding scenario Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient, Training
Modifier Flowcharts: -GX and -GY Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital outpatient
Word search: Brain anatomy Forms Anatomy and terminology, Hospital outpatient, Training
Book excerpt on POA indicators Forms Auditing and monitoring, Hospital inpatient
Word search: Nutritional diseases and disorders Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient
Occurrence report Forms Hospital inpatient
Modifier -25 decision tree Forms Hospital outpatient
Heart failure query template Forms Hospital inpatient
Clinical scenario: Pneumonia and heart failure Forms Hospital inpatient
Crossword: Respiratory terminology Forms Hospital inpatient
Word search: Debridement terminology Forms Hospital outpatient
Sepsis query Forms Hospital inpatient
Incident-to flowchart Forms Hospital outpatient
Clinical scenario: CPT coding for venous catheterization Forms Hospital outpatient
Crossword: Digestive diagnoses Forms Hospital inpatient
Webinar: CPT coding for behavioral health Webinars Hospital outpatient
Word search: Heart procedures Forms Hospital inpatient
CPT coding case study Forms Hospital outpatient