Title Type Category
Principal diagnosis query form Forms Hospital inpatient, Physician queries
CDI COVID-19 survival toolkit: Common clinical indicators Forms Clinical documentation
Untangling the Sepsis Web: Surviving Sepsis in 2019 Webinar Webinars Hospital inpatient
Myocardial Infarction 4th Universal Definition: Tools for CDI, Coding, and Physician Collaboration Webinar Webinars Hospital inpatient
Word search: Anatomy of the nervous system Forms Anatomy and terminology, Hospital outpatient
Query sample: Shock Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient
Achieve Compliance Through Ethical Coding Standards Webinars Health information management, Hospital inpatient, Hospital outpatient, Physician practice, Training
Anatomy word search Forms Hospital outpatient
ICD-10-PCS Bypass codes for the heart and great vessels crossword puzzle Forms Hospital inpatient
ICD-10-PCS aortic valve replacement case study Forms Hospital inpatient
ICD-10-PCS root operation word find Forms Hospital inpatient
ICD-10-CM matching game, holiday mishaps Forms Hospital outpatient
Coding and Reporting Medical Necessity: Essentials for Coders and Other Healthcare Professionals Webinars Hospital inpatient
ICD-10-PCS Release codes for the peripheral nervous system crossword puzzle Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
Query for debridement Forms Hospital outpatient
2020 IPPS Final Rule: The Next Step Toward Addressing Inequities in Inpatient Care webinar Webinars Health information management, Hospital inpatient
Cardiovascular terminology word search Forms Anatomy and terminology
ICD-10-CM case scenario: Opioid overdose Forms Hospital outpatient
Sample altered mental status query form. Forms Clinical documentation, Physician queries
CPT coding case scenarios: Chemotherapy Forms Hospital outpatient