Title Type Category
Spinal fusion CPT clinical scenario Forms Hospital outpatient
Ulcer clarification query Forms Hospital inpatient
CPT diagnostic angiography decision tree Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital outpatient
ICD-10-PCS Posterolateral Fusion Case Scenario Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
ICD-10-PCS Case Scenario Forms Hospital inpatient
CPT case study and Q&A featuring codes for acute blood loss anemia Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital outpatient, Questions and answers
ICD-10-PCS crossword puzzle featuring Dilation codes for the upper veins Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
Cardiac clinical scenario Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital outpatient, Physician practice
ICD-10-PCS crossword puzzle featuring Replacement codes for the muscles Forms Training
ICD-10-PCS crossword puzzle featuring Extirpation codes for the lymphatic and hemic systems Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
ICD-10-CM Assessment Forms Hospital inpatient, Hospital outpatient, Training
Pneumonia severity index chart Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient
Leveraging CDI to Improve Performance Under Alternative Payment Model Methodology Forms Clinical documentation
ICD-10-PCS Destruction codes for the lower bones crossword Forms Hospital inpatient
Outpatient CDI staff evaluation form Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital outpatient, Physician practice
Skin ulcer staging Forms Hospital inpatient
ICD-10-PCS crossword puzzle featuring Control codes for anatomical regions Forms Hospital inpatient
Injections and Infusions for Hospital Billing: Case Studies Forms Hospital outpatient, Physician practice
ICD-10-PCS Insertion codes for the endocrine system crossword puzzle Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
Sample denial appeal letters Forms Health information management, Hospital outpatient, Physician practice