Title Type Category
CPT, ICD-10-CM case scenarios featuring codes for sling placement and removal Forms Hospital outpatient
Pressure Ulcer Stage Query Forms Hospital inpatient, Physician queries
Spinal fusion CPT clinical scenario Forms Hospital outpatient
Ulcer clarification query Forms Hospital inpatient
CPT diagnostic angiography decision tree Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital outpatient
ICD-10-PCS Posterolateral Fusion Case Scenario Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
ICD-10-PCS Case Scenario Forms Hospital inpatient
CPT case study and Q&A featuring codes for acute blood loss anemia Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital outpatient, Questions and answers
ICD-10-PCS crossword puzzle featuring Dilation codes for the upper veins Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
Cardiac clinical scenario Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital outpatient, Physician practice
ICD-10-PCS crossword puzzle featuring Replacement codes for the muscles Forms Training
ICD-10-PCS crossword puzzle featuring Extirpation codes for the lymphatic and hemic systems Forms Hospital inpatient, Training
ICD-10-CM Assessment Forms Hospital inpatient, Hospital outpatient, Training
Pneumonia severity index chart Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital inpatient
Leveraging CDI to Improve Performance Under Alternative Payment Model Methodology Forms Clinical documentation
ICD-10-PCS Destruction codes for the lower bones crossword Forms Hospital inpatient
Outpatient CDI staff evaluation form Forms Clinical documentation, Hospital outpatient, Physician practice
Skin ulcer staging Forms Hospital inpatient
ICD-10-PCS crossword puzzle featuring Control codes for anatomical regions Forms Hospital inpatient
Injections and Infusions for Hospital Billing: Case Studies Forms Hospital outpatient, Physician practice